Sharon Yoss’s third and fourth grade class show off the fruits of their latest science experiment at St. Sylvester’s Thursday, Jan. 4 just moments before someone dumps their cup.Sharon Yoss shows Remy Peters how to use a digital thermometer to determine the temperature of liquids Thursday at St. Sylvester’s in Woodsfield.St. Sylvester third and fourth graders see how well their insulators work during a science experiment Thursday, Jan. 4 at the school.

Science comes to life at St. Sylvester’s

“You should not be reaching over anybody,” Sharon Yoss directed the third and fourth grade classes Jan. 4 at St. Sylvester’s as they eagerly swarmed around a table full of brightly wrapped cups filled with melting ice.

Yoss was assisting the children in what turned out to be a very messy hands-on experiment to determine which materials proved to be the best insulators.

“You should have seen them making it,” said Yoss with a laugh. “We had material all over the floor. That water was everywhere, like a little stream, getting everything wet. It was so funny, if you had seen the mess. It was so bad that teachers came and said, ‘Oh, I can’t do that,’ and I said, ‘This is how they learn to do stuff.’”

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