Taplin answers Care Center questions

Questions and issues surrounding the operation of the Monroe County Care Center were again at the forefront of the Monroe County Commissioner’s meeting on Monday, June 12.

Cyndi Taplin, director of operations for LeaderStat, the care center’s consulting firm, appeared before the Commissioners to provide answers to the issues that were raised by Monroe County Auditor Pandora Neuhart and Commissioner Mick Schumacher at the commissioners’ June 5 meeting.

Taplin reported the Monroe County Care Center currently had 15 patients in the skilled nursing side and eight in assisted living.

Taplin went on to discuss the facility’s still unopened Memory Unit.

She said the unit was ready to be opened at anytime. However, the recent resignation of employees created a staffing problem, saying opening the unit would force the county to pay current employees overtime to staff the unit.

Taplin recommended the facility hold off in opening the unit.

Taplin continued saying there were three or four residents at the facility who would benefit from the memory unit, but added they were getting great care where they were, and there was no rush to move them.

Taplin also addressed the resignation of Blue Sky Therapy.

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