Local attorney Mark Morrison stands at his office in Woodsfield. Morrison was not expecting to be able to practice law much longer, due to effects of Parkinson’s Disease. But success with the deep brain stimulation procedure has helped him return to the  career he loves.Mark Morrison demonstrates synchronization of the remote device he uses to control the impulse generator implanted in his chest.

There is definitely hope

Procedure brings local attorney back from the grip of Parkinson’s

Sometimes when you get sick, it feels like the only thing you think you can do is hope and pray. And sometimes answers come in unexpected ways.

For local attorney Mark Morrison, he got his life and his career back from the grip of Parkinson’s after undergoing a surgery not many people know exists, deep brain stimulation.

“There are probably alternate methods that may be less invasive,” he said, “but this one worked for me. And it worked well.”

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