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Livestock Reports 4-12-18


Muskingum Livestock Auction Co.

P.O. Box 2003, 

Zanesville, OH 43702

March 28, 2018

Total Headage - 672

Fed Cattle - 226

Choice Steers & Heifers 116.00-129.50

Good Steers & Heifers 115.00-down

Holstein Steers ....66.00-90.00

Commercial 60.00-99.00

Monroe County Auction

Please be advised, the notice for the Monroe County Auction at the Monroe County Fairgrounds in this week's edition of the Monroe County Beacon had an incorrect date listed for the auction.
The auction will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 4 at the Monroe County Fairgrounds.

SR800 Approach Slab repair

An approach slab repair project begins on September 18, 2017 on State Route 800 in Monroe County.

Single lane closure, 12 foot width restriction will be in place.

The project is taking place 0.02 miles south of County Road 11S (Joe Frobish Road).