Jenny Thornton’s first grade class at St. Sylvester’s School in Woodsfield proudly display their pyramids from their ancient Egypt studies. First row, from left to right: Peyton Chambers, Sydney Lang, Emma Wheeler, Lexi Wilson, Kenley Hupp, Kimber Morris, Teagan Peters (behind), Kaylin Eastham. Second Row: Holden Zeakes, Jaden Cunningham, Daniel Ischy, Hunter Habig, Cooper Amos, Makynna Parden, Paxton Hall. Third Row: Mrs. Jenny Thornton.From left to right: Teagan Peters, Kaylin Eastham and Peyton Chambers demonstrate their geography skills by identifying areas surrounding Egypt.St. Sylvester’s first-graders are eager to answer questions about ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt comes to life for St. Sylvester’s first graders

When teacher Jenny Thornton asked her St. Sylvester’s first grade students what they had learned about ancient Egypt over the past few weeks, she got some pretty interesting answers.

Their answers included: Men in ancient Egypt wore fake beards, as did their wives and children. Only rich boys were allowed to attend school. Hair and nails keep growing after mummification. Cats were mummified as well as humans. King Tutankhamen was the youngest pharaoh and also the one with the fewest tomb raiders. Camels spit in other camels’ faces to say hi. There were three different kinds of pyramids.

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