Area 4-H News

Hilltop Lades and

Lassies 4-H Club

The Hilltop Swiss Lads and Lassies 4-H Club last met Monday, June 5.

The club members voted to meet at the Par Mar in Hannibal on June 24 to sell baked goods. Don't forget to stop by and support the club!

They also voted to plant flowers at the Hannibal Community Center at the next meeting on June 19.

Demonstrations were given by three different members showing animals.

Emily Smith demonstrated how to show a dairy cow, showing the club the different equipment used. Isaiah Rush and Hunter Werkau used illustrations of chicken combs and feet to explain their chicken projects.

Shannon Shepherd led a group recreation in which the children ran across the floor to put their shoes on and race back before being tagged.

The meeting ended with a special cake and congratulations to the high school graduates.

The next meeting will be June 19 at Hannibal Community Center.