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Hooray! Downtown project is underway!

“Crrrr-dooossh! Crrrr-dooossh!”

The repeated banging of a backhoe’s bucket on asphalt made the beginning of the week exciting for businesses and residents on East Court Street Monday, Aug. 1 and Tuesday, Aug. 2.

Granted it was a little hard to hear at times.

And there were some momentary concerns about damage to our lovely tinted windows.

But we reckon you had to start somewhere.

The Ohio Department of Transportation’s project at the intersection of State Routes 78 and 26 began Monday, Aug. 1, and it so happened that it started right in front of the Monroe County Beacon office.

Parking was restricted along the east side of Main Street in the Square and the south side of East Court Street, at least on Monday and Tuesday.

The Beacon didn’t get all the fun limited to itself, as Subway, the Monroe Theatre and Country Clippins’ also got to share the experience of full-scale construction in what would be their front yard if any of us had a front yard.

We can’t speak for any of the other impacted businesses, but the Beacon intends to take the opportunity to expand our business front with a new outdoor seating area.

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy reading the local news while being serenaded by heavy equipment? Parking is limited at the moment, so you might want to show up early.

We might provide lemonade. That would be nice on a hot summer day.

Also, be mindful of the new pile of dirt and rocks in our new front yard.

We were floating the idea of burying a time capsule in the hole, but another staff member mentioned how, seeing as it would be under a street, it might be hard to get at in 40 years. Unless they do Safety Project No. 2, am I right?

The only downside to being first on the list is that we’ll be the first to lose all the excitement – at least that’s what we’re guessing, without a schedule to go by.

But we shouldn’t be selfish. It’s best to share the fun with all our friends and neighbors.

It’s just a shame our friends down at Knowlton Ford won’t be able to get in on this.