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Rain can’t spoil community Halloween

For the second year in a row, rain tried to ruin The Breakthrough’s Community Halloween in the Village.

But the community once again refused to let some raindrops get in the way of a spooky, fun time.

Hundreds of residents flocked to Monroe Central High School Saturday, Oct. 26, for the second edition of the Breakthrough’s Halloween event.

Starting at 2 p.m., a line of parents and children stretched through the parking lot. Some waited up to a half-hour to get inside for the fun, games and candy.

Kayla Ruble, one of the event’s organizers, was disappointed that the weather forced her to move the event for the second straight year, but she was excited to see the community’s support.

“Our community did it again,” Ruble said in a Facebook post. “If you ever want your faith in people that love this community back, head out to Halloween in the Village next year. We have businesses, community members, emergency response members and school organizations that go all out to make the best possible event for the children. It is amazing to see how many people skip an important (Ohio State) Buckeyes’ game to come out and support the children.”

Once they got into the high school, the children were greeted by a cafeteria full of tables set up by area businesses and organizations to offer some scares and some candy.

Ideally, the runs would be completed before winter, but with other projects already underway, Black felt it might turn into a spring project.

“Hopefully, they will be 10-foot runs that are two-and-a-half-foot wide,” Black said. There will be barriers to keep them separated.”

As improvements continue, there are fewer dogs at the facility due to adoptions and some dogs being returned to their owners.

A smaller number of dogs will allow Black to offer some of his extra space to local animal shelters if it is needed.

Black credited his officers with turning the facility into a functional, safe environment for workers and animals.

“I’ve tasked these guys and they have not let me down,” Black said. “They’ve been Johnny-on-the-spot and have done what they needed to do.”