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Resolution nearing on jail sewer issue

“We spend a lot of time talking about sewage,” mused Monroe County Commissioner Diane Burkhart.

Whether they were discussing projects for the Ohio River communities of Hannibal, Sardis and Duffy or projects in Woodsfield, the commissioners have spent a fair portion of their agenda over the past few months discussing potential sewer projects.

They were back at it again during their regular meeting Monday, March 15, this time looking at the sewer problems at the Monroe County Jail in Woodsfield.

Representatives from E.L. Robinson, the engineering company working on the project, met with the commissioners to provide updates and provide new commissioners, Burkhart and Bill Bolon, an update on the project.

Since the jail was completed in early 2018, there has never been a filtering system to catch debris flushed into the sewer system from the jail. The large amounts of debris have caused failures at a nearby lift station.

E.L. Robinson’s Jack Ramsey, project manager, and Bob Allen, infrastructure and business manager, returned to Monroe County for the meeting.

Ramsey and Allen pre viously discussed the project with the commissioners this past fall.

Ramsey felt the best course of action was adding a screen in the line between the jail and the lift station. The screen will catch the debris, collect it and empty it into a bag. The bags will be removed and stored in a small dumpster for disposal.

The immediate problem to solve is finding a location for the screen.

According to Bolon, the village requested that the screen be placed between the jail and the line from the village’s water treatment plant.

At the same time, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department did not want anything built in front of the jail itself.

The commissioners along with Ramsey and Allen went to the site, to find a suitable location.

A possible location was found between the lift station and jail, away from the building. Ideally, the screen would be closer to the lift station, as an access road will need to be built for the occasional removal of the bags of debris.

Ramsey said the next step was to looking over the drawings for the project to find the best location and update the estimate and plans.

Also during the March 15 meeting, a few local citizens met with the commissioners to discuss a second amendment proposal.

One of the speakers, Joe Hise, requested the commissioners either sign a resolution or create an ordinance supporting the second amendment.

The commissioners informed Hise that they were unable to create any legislation through Ohio Revised Code.

The commissioners thanked the group for their time, adding they would consult Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney James L. Peters as to what was within their power to do.

The commissioners also approved a resolution proclaiming March American Red Cross Month.