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Lucky Boots - Floyd Simpson SP4 U.S. Army, 58 Ordnance Co. – 8125 Dog Sentry Detachment, Korea – 1954-1956

Against all better judgment and the “rules,” my dog Val and I were working Section No. 4 and had been there all night with no problems. Val wanted to do some rabbit hunting, so I let him off the leash to go a little way into the wooded area to try his luck. I finally went in to get him as it was just getting light enough to see without a light. I looked down and say a trip wire right in front of me. At that point, it was not possible to back up and retrace my steps into the woods. Waiting for more daylight, I froze in my tracks. I could make out a Korean’s footprint ahead of me. I made the longest standing broad jump in my life and landed on that track. From there, I followed the Korean footprints on up to the road where the truck would come and pick us up. I called for Val and he made it back without a scratch. That day back at camp, I reported the incident to the EOD captain. He replied, “Oh, yeah. I keep forgetting to tell you guys they were there. I ended up with a badly pulled muscle and had to go to M.A.S.H. 8055 for surgery early that spring, where I spent 30 days after surgery. No. I do not remember the names of the surgeons “Hawkeye Pierce” or “Radar,” but I will always believe that “H” was the head nurse they made the M.A.S.H. TV show about.