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Caregiver's Corner

If it has ever been necessary for you to go to the emergency room as a patient, think back on that experience. You either didn’t feel well, you had an accident, or, perhaps, something even more serious. What occurred when you arrived?

Everyday Leadership 8/18/16

My grandmother always had sparkling eyes and a broad smile for me.  She had high cheekbones and an air of authority, at least to a little boy.  When I visited Grandmother’s apartment, she always offered me Ritz crackers spread with peanut butter along with a small glass of Coca Cola as a treat.  They always tasted better there than anywhere else.

Exploring Your Heritage 8/11/16

Morris - 2nd installment. There were no Morris families in Sunsbury Township in the 1820 census. In 1830, the Morris households in Sunsbury were headed by Mordica, Richard, John, Elisabeth, Lewis, Jesse, and Joseph. (Before 1850, the federal census named only the head of household.

High Notes & Brushstrokes 8/11/16

The Monroe Arts Center will feature a variety of summer events and art classes. A very interesting class will be taught by award-winning Monroe Artist, Jake Bucy, on Tuesday, August 23 from 1-3, open to both youth and adults. It will be a technique where each person will get to make a canvas artwork using found objects. A Summer Watercolor Class will be  held Aug.