Reader Submitted

Easter Thoughts

We celebrate each Easter as a resurrection day

do we understand the truth--that He arose just like they say?

The plants that died in winter as the leaves that fell to earth 

with essence living on through cold and in time know a re-birth.

The grass that looks so withered will awaken to a new life 

Loving Time

It’s slipped upon us 

once again

The day that Christ 

was born

To celebrate this 

wondrous time

We’ll Christmas 

Everyday Leadership 4/21/16

It was quiet the day after Christmas in 1963.  The snow on the ground was slushy and wet so playing outside was not much fun.  Sylvia, my older sister, was in charge of the house since Mom and Dad had gone to town.  Someone suggested a game of monopoly so we set up the table and chairs over the furnace register to make use of all available heat.  We all were having