Right to Know

Your Right to Know 6/14/18


Charles R. Black, Jr., Sheriff, Monroe County Sheriff, Grafton L. Buzzard, Linda L. Buzzard to Jon C. Gramlich, Elizabeth A. Gramlich, Sunsbury Township, Village of Beallsville Pt. Lot 14 Hudson Addition, Case No. 2017-337, 3.313 acres, sher. deed.

James S. Olee to Stephen J. Olee, Perry Township, 5.175 acres, QC deed.

Your Right to Know 6/7/18


Carl F. Rousenberg, Lya Lynn Rousenberg to Stephen G. Harris, Denise G. Harris, Village of Malaga Lots 25 and 26, w. surv. deed.

Alfred G. Hupp, Barbara A. Hupp AIF, Barbara A. Hupp to Alfred G. Hupp, Barbara A. Hupp, Center Township, 5.47 acres, warranty deed.

Your Right to Know 5/31/18


American Energy Corporation to Michael E. Aberegg, Jr., Sarah L. Aberegg, Sunsbury Township, 15.964 acres, warranty deed.

Terry L. Forshey, Thelma J. Forshey to Terry L. Forshey, Thelma J. Forshey, Green Township, 32.155 acres, surv. deed.

Your Right to Know 5/24/18


Joseph S. Urbanek, Louella M. Urbanek to Kipperlee D. Jones, Salem Township, 0.940 acres, Village of Clarington, warranty deed.

Carson McCurdy to Scott Schaub, Shelly Schaub, Sunsbury Township, 0.648 acres, Village of Ozark Lot 18 and 19, Pt. Lot 21, surv. deed.

Right to Know 5/17/18


Cardon McCurdy to Andrew A. Weaver, Lizzie J. Weaver, Center Township, 41.733 acres, warranty deed.

Jeffery A. Wise, Jennifer C. Wise to Darci Thompson, Center and Perry Townships, 95.786 acres, warranty deed.