Right to Know

Your Right to Know - 4-12-18


Trina Lively, Trina Piatt to Denver Pinkerton, Village of Woodsfield, Lot 10 Watson’s Third Addition, QC deed.

Richard Habig, Richard H. Habig to Rita Habig, Green Township, 15 acres, dower interests, QC deed.

Ed Lilly, Deborah A. Lilly to Sonya M. Wilson Trustee, Green Township, 4.229 acres, QC deed.

Your Right to Know 4/5/18


Bruner Land Company, Inc., to Bruner Land Company, Inc., Washington Township, 71.537 acres, warranty deed.

Gerald Richard West, AKA Gerald R. West to Jimmie Lee Lindamood, Jr., Center Township, 52 acres, warranty deed.

Your Right to Know


Robert H. Blatt, Kathleen M. Blatt, AKA Kathleen R. Blatt to Robert H. Blatt, Kathleen R. Blatt, Lot 26 and Lot 24, Village of Hannibal, 0.50 acres, survey deed.

Jar Jer Inc. to Michael A. Gardner, Franklin Township, 86.328 acres.