Your Right to Know - 9-28-17


Joan Rouse to Heather Bass, Washington Twp., 4.2270 acres. QC.

Wexford Westhawk Llc, Liddell Investments, Llc, Liddell Investments, Llc, to Gulfport Energy Corporation, Perry Twp., 266.235 acres.  QC. 

Consol Mining Company Llc, to CNX Gas Company Llc, Salem Twp., 17.230 acres. QC.

Thomas L. Lafollette, Thomas L. La follette, Jennie L. Lafollette, Jennie L. La follette, to Thomas L. Lafollette, Thomas L. La follette, Jennie L. Lafollette, Jennie L. La follette, Woodfield, Lot 9, Guilford first addition.  

Jean E. Kreinbihl, Jean E. FKA Nelson, Lee Allen AIFKreinbihl, to Jes Monroe Llc, Sunsbury Twp., 101.615 acres. QC. 

Monroe County Humane Society, Crossed Paws Animal Shelter NKA, to Crossed Paws Animal Shelter, Wayne Twp., 1 acre. 

Brian Keith Marmie, Brian K. Marmie, to Carol L. Marmie, Adams Twp., Lot 10, Cameron. QC. 

David D. Rubel, Constance L. Rubel, to New Vision Video Production and Advertising, Woodsfield, Lot 13, Guilford second addition. 

Doris J. Flaherty, Jay M. Flaherty, Paul Rufener, Carl Rufener, Sandra Rufener, Louise Schott, John Schott, Judith Parker, Steven Parker, Renee Parker, Steve J. Parker, to Nora Crosby Holdings Llc., 1/4 Oil, Gas, & Minerals, Adams Twp., 312.625 acres. QC.

Sondra Fry to Lisa D. Swisher, Woodsfield, Lots 17&24 Buckios first addition. 


Logan Hammel, Sardis, vs. Whitney Hammel, Sardis, termination of marriage with children. 

Katina A. Milosavljevic, Clarington, vs. Peter Milosavljevic, Clarington, dissolution of marriage. 

Neal Wittenbrook, Woodsfield, vs. Jennifer Wittenbrook, Powell, termination of marriage. 

John Talbot, Clarington, vs. Mark Hess, Clarington, domestic violence. 

Haylee Hess, Clarington, vs. Mark Hess, Clarington, domestic violence. 

Chapman Corporation vs. Rover Pipeline Llc, other civil. 

Bank of American, N.A. vs. Harry Levan, other civil. 


Dalton W. Brindo, Elizabeth, West Virginia, 75/55, $105.

Kyle M. Ryder, Benwood, West Virginia, 70/55, $185.

Micheal B. Kiggans, New Matamoras, 70/55, $125.

Joseph T. Hakr, St. Clairsville, 69/55, $125.

Adam Allphin, Marietta, 76/55, $130. 

Thomas Tate, New Cumberland, West Virginia, 65/55, $115.00. 

James Forshey, Barnesville, 76/55, $135. 

Casas Moises, Bonita Springs, Florida, 76/55, $155.

Timothy McFadden, Sardis, 65/55, $115.

Steven G. Stapp, McAlester, Oklahoma, 73/55, $135.

Robert H. Prim, Clarington, 70/55, $125.

Jenna L. Melvin, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 74/55, $135.

Matthew R. Culver, Little Hocking, 71/55, $135. 

Jillian M. Chappel, Waynesburg, Pennsylvania 71/55, $135.


Seth Shumaker, Belmont, passing a bad check, dismissed. 

Shawn Stiltner, Rushsylvania, failure to control, guilty, $125.

Cassidy Harper, Walton, West Virginia, registration violation, $125.00. 

Carl Ayers, Clarington, dog running at large, $110. 

Kyle M. Ryder, Benwood, West Virginia, safety disregard, dismissed. 

George A. Ballinger, Lewisville, operators license required ATV, dismissed 

Jenny Brown, Jerusalem, failure to maintain, $130. 

Teresa M. Blake, Bethesda, wrongful entrust, 25 hours community service, $185.

Bruce H. Yates II, Beallsville, failure to control, $125. 

Aaron R. Stalder, Sardis, seatbelt, $100. 

David Barton, Zanesville, failure to control, $125. 



State of Ohio vs. Eric Tod Stubbs, Case No. 2017-043

Sept. 19, 2017, Eric Tod Stubbs, Powhatan Point, Ohio appeared before Judge Julie R. Selmon and withdrew his former Not Guilty plea and entered a plea of Guilty to the second count of the indictment Sexual Battery, a third degree felony, and the fourth count of the indictment gross sexual imposition, a fourth degree felony. State will dismiss the remaining counts of the indictment. State will recommend that the Defendant be sentenced to four years in prison on second count and 11 months in prison on fourth count, consecutive to second count. Defendant shall register as a Tier III sex offender. Defendant shall have no contact whatsoever with the victim. Defendant agrees to accept the above sentence as part of the negotiated disposition. Defendant to pay court costs. The court finds the defendant guilty of each offense to which defendant has entered this plea. A sentencing hearing will be scheduled upon receipt of the pre-sentence investigation report. Defendant remanded. 



 Sept. 10, 2017, 6:38 a.m., David Barton, Zanesville, in a 2014 Peterbilt Truck, was traveling west on SR 78, Lewisville. Barton crossed centerline then exited left side of the roadway striking thirty feet of guardrail. Barton sustained no injuries. His vehicle sustained minor damage to the right side. Barton was charged with failure to control. 

Sept. 16, 2017, 4:22 a.m., Zachary M. Lewis, New Martinsville, West Virginia, in a 2013 Chevrolet Cruze, was traveling east on SR 78, Center Twp. Lewis exited right side of roadway striking embankment. Lewis rolled over several times before coming to rest right side up. Lewis sustained no injuries while his vehicle sustained disabling damage to the entire vehicle.

Sept. 16, 2017, 7:21 p.m., Keith A. Erb, Graysville, in a 2017 Dodge Ram Truck, was traveling east on SR 145, Malaga. Nicholas J. Mouton, Abbeville, Louisiana, in a 2010 Ford F Series Super Duty 4X4, was traveling west on SR 145. Erb’s side mirror was across the centerline striking Mouton’s side mirror. Neither driver sustained any injuries. Both vehicles sustained minor damage to the left side. Erb was charged with going left of center. 

Sept. 20, 2017, 4:55 p.m., Samuel E. Abbott, Jerusalem in 2002 Dodge Dakota, was traveling north on Grizzle Ridge Rd., Malaga. Abbott went off the road on the left hand side and went down an embankment, striking a culvert and some trees. Abbott sustained no injuries. His vehicle sustained disabling damage to the left front. Abbott was charged with failure to control.