Rinard Mills

Rinard Mills

March 25, the dedication of the Fellowship Hall at the Sardis Methodist Church. Gail Angel, the Southern Hills District Superintendent attended. The pastor of the church is Dennis Williams. NJ was privileged to attend this along with friends, visitors and members. A beautiful church along the highway on Rt.

Rinard Mills

The Matamoras Senior Citizens had a quilt show March 8. Thirty-eight people attended this very interesting show and tell. It was a Mother Goose day with huge snowflakes making their way down. Carolyn Howard welcomed everyone.

Rinard Mills 3/15/18

The New Mat Red Hat Gals held the monthly meeting Feb. 8 at the Senior Center. This was our Valentine’s Party. Red the color, red table decorations, red napkins, baked beans and deviled eggs, stemmed red cherries, watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, cherry cheesecake, cherry pastry and Red Hats.

Rinard Mills 2/15/18

Dear readers of this newsletter, please see your doctor about shingles.

The Carroll Senior Center reports the antique show and tell was a success. March 8, they will host a quilt show at 2 p.m.