Rinard Mills

Rinard Mills 6/7/18

Jericho Cemetery and Perpetual Care Association held the annual meeting May 20, 2018. At 2 p.m. the chitchat hour began with a visit from Grandmother Susannah 1750-1840, as written by Franklin Dye 1916-2015, portrayed by NJ. Old pictures were displayed by David and Bonne Dye Forni and Brenda Antill Mendenhall.

Rinard Mills 5/17/18

May Day, the lawn a blue sea of Johnny Jump Ups. Back up to April 27-a hummingbird arrived. Spring has sprung! Birds are everywhere, a nest of finches in the kitchen window, and a robin’s nest with two blue eggs in the basket on the front porch. I just can’t tear them down, ok! I looked again, two more eggs.

Rinard Mills 5/3/18

The New Mat Red Hat gals traveled to Dutch Pantry Restaurant in Williamstown, West Virginia, for their April meeting. It was a perfect spring day as Sherry Kirkbride celebrated an April 23 birthday. Joann Hawkins provided the word search prize to Mary Montgomery, the door prize to Norma Jean Antill and Sherry Kirkbride.