Rinard Mills

Rinard Mills 4/20/17

March 1 came in with a high flood of the Little Muskingum and March 31 left with the water running high.

The 2017 Midwest American Cheerpower was held April 2 at the Columbus Convention Center. The Ohio Valley All Stars ‘Lady of Legendz Parkersburg, WV’ participated. An interesting informative day.

Rinard Mills - 4-6-17

In 1815 on a certain Sunday, men gathered to fell trees and open a small clearing in otherwise dense woods at a place designated Woodsfield. In exchange for their hard work, there would be a large kettle of stew. The recipe was well known--first, a huge kettle of gallons’ capacity was placed upon the ground, resting upon three stones, and a fire was kindled under it.

Rinard Mills 3/30/17

March 1 came in like a lion. Rain, thunder storms, and wind. The Little Muskingum River was higher than the usual flood. The water went over Route 26 at Dye Dip and Adams north of town, south at county line, Route 138 was flooded. We drove through the water to get to Matamoras--a no no!

Rinard Mills 3/16/17

The New Mat Red Hat Ladies met Feb. 9 at the Carroll Senior Center. Di Evane had decorated the hall with the Valentine theme: hearts, flowers, candy. Beautiful. Door prize to Gina Williams, word search prize to NJ Antill, prize by Kathy Eckert. Others attending were Sue Altizer and Judy Dugger.

Rinard Mills 3/2/17

January 23 was National Pie Day. Some unusual names: grasshopper, shoofly, funeral pie, bonoffee, chess, mincemeat, derby, bumbleberry--from “Tidbits”.

Our sincere sympathy to the families at the deaths of: