The Southern Tier

The Southern Tier 12/22/16

Greetings. Winter has finally arrived. My husband had a doctor’s appointment in Parkersburg. We went through rain, fine sleet, and snow. Terrible day for driving. We came back up the river to Hannibal for the grandchildren’s Christmas program only to discover it had been canceled. Ho! Ho!

The Southern Tier 12/8/16

Greetings. Very busy time of year. Nine Victorian Rose Red Hatters met at the home of Ruth Ann Ridgeway on Nov. 17 for a meal of barbeque pork and warm chicken salad sandwiches, a large mixed salad, and cake. The evening was spent sharing the antiques or just old furniture that each had inherited or collected.

The Southern Tier 11/24/16

On Nov. 5, a joyous 100th birthday celebration dinner was held for Gladys Krieg at the Midway Community Center.

Krieg was honored by her children, Emerson and Bonnie Krieg, Mary Louise and Wayne Taylor, Gary and Carole Krieg and their families.

The Southern Tier 11/10/16

Greetings. Apologies to Kathy and Russ Haverknat, owners of the Riverview Restaurant located near the ferry landing in Fly. You were deleted from my list of businesses in Jackson Township.  They remodeled and reopened the restaurant. It was started by the Harrs in 1958. It was damaged by the last big flood.  They are open weekdays 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Sunday 8 a.m.

The Southern Tier 10/27/16

Greetings. Weather is much too warm and dry. Fall leaves are beautiful today  My yard is full of leaves after the rain.  

November birthdays: 1st Gladys Krieg will be 100 years old; 3rd Charles Merckle Sr.; 4th Deanna Simon; 8th Matt Hoskins; 14th Reese Binegar; 26th Ruth Ann Ridgeway.