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Switzer News 6/14/18

On Saturday, May 26, Terri and I, and our cousin Linda Moore of Hendrysburg, Ohio went to visit with Janice Gallagher and her family. Janice was in a nursing-rehab center, Altercare Louisville in Louisville, Ohio, after her treatments for cancer.

Switzer News 5/10/18

Randy and Teresa Zink treated his parents to a birthday dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse.  Both of Randy’s parents, Linda and Starling Zink had recent April birthdays.  Joining the group were Taylor and Katey Zink.  A good time was had by all.

Switzer News

Happy 90th Birthday to Lena Fankhauser. A party was held at the St. John’s Fellowship hall for Lena by her family. Around 60 family and friends were there to help Lena celebrate. She received many gifts including a family tree quilt, a bear, flowers and many cards. 

Switzer News

Linda Lang and son Dan visited Stone Barn Farm March 29 and 30, spending the night at the Kindelberger Cabin. Linda enjoyed a small tour of the area and watching goat milking and playing with the baby goats. Linda, a retired teacher, is planning a return trip soon. March 31, Beverly Anderson and Marjorie Baumberger were in Morristown attending a bridal shower brunch for Ashley Imhoff.