Table Talk

Table Talk 10/11/18

Good afternoon Table Talk friends. Well, it is afternoon as I am starting to compose my column for this week’s Beacon. In fact, it is Sunday afternoon. We went to church, out to eat lunch and now I am home and sipping on a cup of warm Pomegranate and white tea. It is a fruity, but classy taste, and it is one of my fall flavors.

Table Talk 9/27/18

Good day to all my Table Talk family and friends. What beautiful weather we have been having. Fall is in the air as my Mom used to say; it smells like fall and I might add to that by saying that it also feels like fall.

Table Talk 9/13/18

Hello, Table Talk friends. Welcome to our table to have a chat and drink a cup of hot tea with me this morning. This is the weekend and it is raining very slowly, not hard at all, but it has rained all night. I think of the rain drops and then I think of us as people.

Table Talk

GOOD MORNING TABLE TALK FRIENDS AND FAMILY it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Time to take a morning walk and get all the cob webs loosened up from overnight.

Around the table talk 8/16/18

Hello, all. I hope you have had a good week since we talked sitting around our table last time. 

I am sitting here on a Sunday afternoon looking at our computer and sipping at a glass of fresh iced tea. I like my iced tea straight on the rocks; no sugar, no sweetener, just plain with lemon.