Table Talk

“Around the Table” Talk 6/7/18

Hello! Here we are again. I’m sitting around our dining room table drinking a cup of regular black tea with two slices of lemon and a teaspoon of raw honey. This is the time of the year I hear so many people coughing and sniffling around due to the high pollen content so today I decided to drink a cup of “old fashion” regular tea.

“Around the Table” Talk

Good morning, if it is morning at your house when you pick up the Beacon and begin our little talk around our dining room table. If it isn’t morning then good afternoon or good evening, whichever it might be. I am glad we are able to chat a while.

“Around the Table” Talk 5/10/18

Good morning to all my table talk friends; hope all is well at your home front. It has been a beautiful week since we talked around our dining room table and drank a cup of tea together. Tonight the air is cool and the sky looks like it might rain. Imagine that; rain is in the air and as my Mom used to say you can smell it in the air.

Around the Table Talk

Hello to all who are sitting around my table today. 

I hope you all are well and enjoying a cup of fresh brewed tea, your favorite one. Mine tonight is peppermint. I just decided to give myself a touch of the winter holidays; after all it is supposed to snow tonight. After looking at the calendar, it tells that there are only 261 more days until Christmas.