Train of Thoughts

My Train of Thoughts 8/27/15

I had a letter to write to you all, and it’s 10:00 in the morning and I’ve just come in from some chores. I find that I can do better if I start as early as possible, and then I can crawl up the steps and watch T.V. while I start taking things serious indoors. It works pretty good. Well, at least I think so. 

My Train of Thoughts 8/13/15

I wish that the coolness of the morning could be counted on all day. It feels cool in here with the AC and home shows . Nothing can compare with Mother Nature and a screen door with freedom to pull up your rocker and open the pleasure of the real thing.

My Train of Thoughts 7/30/15

  Well, what the heck. Are you planning to either enjoy or relent to finish up some chores so that you can wipe out some more? I know the feeling but I’m not ready to score some hits until I have my grilled cheese and a cup of Red Rose. They say a lot about a lot of things, but for my part it won’t be over until it’s over. Believe you me that’s how I see it.